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On Transparency

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‘The essays in “Transparency” center on the ambiguity of the title word. “Transparent” can denote something that is literally see-through, like a window. But it can also denote something that is not, like the layered planes of a Cubist painting, discernible one behind another. Paint and canvas are opaque; the painter conjures transparency out of pure form.

The illusion of transparency defines architecture. Painters have two dimensions at their disposal; architects have three. Transparency mediates between them. It can give the […]

Why Make Art?

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(The author of this essay, Gillian Pederson Krag, is a friend and former teacher of mine at Cornell University in the 1970s’.  – Ginnie Gardiner) Why make art? Looking at the art world, which seems so extremely confused, it is difficult to get an answer.  But I was helped enormously when I discovered an essay of Carl Jung in which he points out that visual images fall into one of 2 categories. They are either what he calls signs or […]