Equivalent Palettes

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‘Nearly always, the formal structure—and space itself—is more compact in the collages than in the paintings. The collages, of course, are smaller and yet that is not the entire explanation, for the details of Gardiner’s images acquire a charge of condensed pictorial power from having been developed and refined in the more intimate medium. Transposed to canvas, her images gain not only in size but in scale. They feel larger, more open. Yet they lose none of the intimacy or the intensity bestowed on them by their origins. ‘

-excerpt from ‘Space and Intensity’, by Carter Ratcliff, ©2016

‘Space is another central concern—but pictorial space, not realistic space. Though her current works seem and in some ways are representational, they’re not painted directly from life, nor do they aim to capture a moment in time. Gardiner works from collage maquettes, a technique she developed in the mid-‘90s so that she could combine photographs, swatches of color, painted fragments, bits of drawing, or anything else she liked, into a unified visual whole. A painting’s structure is determined before she sets brush to canvas, achieved by manipulating the various elements to get the precise arrangement she wants. She has no qualms about using digital technology to facilitate her process, or even to adjust colors; it’s simply another tool, in her mind, to serve the artist’s vision.
The process can take a while, which doesn’t worry Gardiner; she will sometimes spend months looking at a maquette and thinking, “This can’t be a painting yet.” ‘

-excerpt from ‘At Ease with Creation’ by Wendy Smith, ©2015

‘The most absorbing aspect of my studio practice is the translation of the collage study into the medium of oil paint – the creation of an ‘equivalent palette’  that is keyed to the larger scale of the canvas. This  involves, besides mixing pigments and making color adjustments as I develop the painting from the study, optical decisions concerning which pigment combinations will work together physically in ‘knitting together’ the oil paint surface on the canvas.’

Ginnie Gardiner, 2016



About New York ©1996 Collage 10” x 16″


About New York ©1996 Mixed Media Collage 10" x 16".web


About New York ©1996 Oil on Canvas 60” x 96” Diptych


About New York Diptych -300dpi


Is This the Place? ©1996 Collage 17.25″ x 7.75″


Is This The Place? ©1996 Collage 17.25" x 7.75"


Is This the Place? ©1996 Oil on Canvas 42″ x 96″ Diptych


Is This The Place? ©1996 Oil on Canvas Dyptych 42" x 96"


Hightide ©1997 Collage 10.5” x 18”


Hightide ©1997 Mixed Media Collage 10.5" x 18"


Hightide ©1999 Oil on Canvas 24” x 42”
Hightide ©1999 Oil on Canvas 24" x 42" Rubinstein


Opera Prima ©1999 Mixed Media Collage 14” x 11”


Opera Prima ©1999 Mixed Media Collage 14" x 11"


Opera Prima ©1999 Oil on Canvas 60” x 48”


Opera Prima ©1999 Oil on Canvas 60" x 48"


Journey ©1999 Collage 14″ x 11″


Journey ©1999 Mixed Media Collage 14" x 11" PZ collection


Journey ©1999 Oil on Canvas 60″ x 48″


Journey ©1999 Oil on Canvas 60" x 48"



Blue Corbels ©2011 Collage 6″ x 10″


Blue Corbels  ©2011 Collage 6.75" x 10"


Blue Corbels ©2011 Oil on Canvas 36″ x 60″


Blue Corbels ©2011 Oil on Canvas 36 x 60


La Farge ©2011 Collage 9″ x 5″


La Farge ©2011 Collage 9" x 5"


La Farge ©2011 Oil on Canvas 60″ x 40″



La Farge ©2011 Oil on Canvas 60 x 40


May ©2012 Collage 9″ x 6″



May ©2012 Collage 9" x 6"


May ©2013 Oil on Canvas 60″ x 40″


May  ©2013 Oil on Canvas 60 x 40 inches



August ©2012 Collage 9.3″ x 6.8″


August ©2012 Collage 9.3" x 6.8"


August ©2012 Oil on Canvas 60″ x 40″


August ©2011 Oil on Canvas 60 x 40 inches


Barometer ©2012 Collage 10.75″ x 7.3″


Barometer ©2012 Collage 10.75" x 7.3"


Barometer ©2012 Oil on Canvas 60″ x 40″


Barometer ©2012 Oil on Canvas 60" x 40"


April ©2012 Collage 6.4″ x 6.75″


April ©2012 Collage 6.5" x 6.75""


April ©2013 Oil on Canvas 24″ x 24″


April ©2013 OIl on Canvas 24" x 24"


Blue Stripe ©2014 Collage 8.25″ x 9.5″


Blue Stripe ©2014 Collage 8.25" x 9.5"


Blue Stripe ©2015 Oil on Canvas 40″ x 50″


Blue Stripe ©2015 OIl on Canvas 40" x 50"

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