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The Party’s Over, by J.W. Phillips

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ABOUT NEW YORK – 1996 – THE PARTY’S OVER     Premonitions and alienation flit across the intersecting planes of Ginnie Gardiner’s, About New York, like a long static close up of a gifted actor’s face somehow registering concern, loss, sadness, regret, fear, hope and despair in succession without contorting a single feature, or seemingly so much as lifting an eyebrow.   Its cool palette of dominant blues and greys contrasts with the statico antonym of interweaving montage images.  A […]

Literal and Phenomenal Transparency as organizing concepts

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Ginnie Gardiner April ©2013 Oil on Canvas 24″ x 24″ Josef Albers Formulation: Articulation, with text by T.G. Rosenthal, Thames & Hudson, 2006: P. 13: ‘Although abstract, they had one thing in common with the more pictorial, ‘mosaic’ glass works. This is the way in which he managed to combine opacity with translucency. In the window-like pieces this is fairly straightforward and depends upon the light available to the viewer at the time. In the case of the sandblasted glass […]

On Transparency

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‘The essays in “Transparency” center on the ambiguity of the title word. “Transparent” can denote something that is literally see-through, like a window. But it can also denote something that is not, like the layered planes of a Cubist painting, discernible one behind another. Paint and canvas are opaque; the painter conjures transparency out of pure form.

The illusion of transparency defines architecture. Painters have two dimensions at their disposal; architects have three. Transparency mediates between them. It can give the […]