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Time Traveling with Tiepolo

Posted on by Ginnie

In the mid 1990s I was painting extended strip paintings, 12 feet long, that were influenced in large part by my work in the mid 1980s as a producer in a video production house that created many of the early Ampex Digital Optics layered videos for commercials and music videos. When I discovered Tiepolo’s work in the the late 1990s’ I noticed that he preferred an extended strip, a non-illusionistic composition with elements multiplied and splintered, and figures striking attitudes […]

The Color Prophecies

Posted on by Ginnie

The Color Prophecies Paintings and Collages that integrate abstraction with representation. Mexico shook Josef Albers loose from the greys and blues of the North and inspired Albers to use magenta, turquoise, violet, and ocher, among other colors, in varying combinations. These are the colors of nature and everyday culture in Mexico.  Pure, “out of the can” colors like those used as house paint or in advertisements, take their natural place with the red earth and turquoise skies.  Our society and […]

Sunlit Stillness: Ginnie Gardiner’s Transformative Vision, by Carter Ratcliff

Posted on by Ginnie

  Every fully realized oeuvre has a prevailing climate.  In Ginnie Gardiner’s paintings, the day is nearly always sunny—but never sweltering.  Flickering through her images with a serene and lively warmth, sunlight gives its luminosity even to shadows.  It’s tempting to say that Gardiner is an artist of summer at its most idyllic, yet this would ignore a crucial subtlety.  Certain of her paintings might well show us a moment early in spring, when the light takes its intensity from […]