Press & Links

Solo Exhibition, Woodstock Artists  Association and Museum

Hygge: Small Works Group Exhibition, Cross Contemporary Art

Kolaj Magazine: Collage Books

Woodstock Art Association and Museum

SHE:Centennial: Celebrating 100 Years of a Woman’s Right to Vote

The Patricia Fields Art/Fashion Event comes to Catskill

‘The Enfolded: Collages by Ginnie Gardiner’, Empty Mirror Magazine

ARTSHOP, Kasini House, Ginnie Gardiner catalogs

‘In The Studio’, Kolaj Magazine

‘Collage: A Medium of Disjunction’, by Cecil Touchon

‘A View from the Easel’, Hyperallergic

‘Fresh’, Arts Alive Newsletter

‘Variations on Self’ – Self Portraiture in Collage and Painting by Ginnie Gardiner, Nisa Touchon Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

Kolaj Magazine, Artist Directory, Maison Kasini, Montreal, Quebec

‘Sunlit Stillness: Ginnie Gardiner’s Transformative Vision.’ by Carter Ratcliff

The Painting Center: Art File

The International Society of Assemblage and Collage Artists

‘Ginnie Gardiner: At Ease with Creation’ by Wendy Smith

‘Daughters of the Revolution, Review by Mario Naves, August 25th, 2009, City Arts

The Ann Street Gallery

In Translation: Austin/Deem/Gardiner, Pavel Zoubok Gallery, NY, NY

Collage, London / New York, FRED (London), London, England

Daughters of the Revolution: Women & Collage, Pavel Zoubok Gallery, NY,NY

Daughters of the Revolution: Women & Collage, Pavel Zoubok Gallery – online catalog

Ginnie Gardiner: Pavel Zoubok Gallery Archives

The New Collage, Pavel Zoubok Gallery, NY, NY

Collage Clearinghouse

Press Release ‘Collage – signs and surfaces’

‘Ginnie Gardiner, a Revelatory Journey’ by Wendy Smith

Painter Ginnie Gardiner exults in the ‘highly lucid charm of 18th century Venetian master Giambattista Tiepolo

Museum Notes – “Curator’s Choice: Ginnie Gardiner Talking With Tiepolo”, February 20, 2000, Glenn Loney