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Solo Exhibition, Woodstock Artists  Association and Museum

SHE:Centennial: Celebrating 100 Years of a Woman’s Right to Vote

The Patricia Fields Art/Fashion Event comes to Catskill

Kolaj Magazine: Collage Books

Woodstock Art Association and Museum

‘The Enfolded: Collages by Ginnie Gardiner’, Empty Mirror Magazine

ARTSHOP, Kasini House, Ginnie Gardiner catalogs

‘In The Studio’, Kolaj Magazine

‘Collage: A Medium of Disjunction’, by Cecil Touchon

‘A View from the Easel’, Hyperallergic

‘Fresh’, Arts Alive Newsletter

‘Variations on Self’ – Self Portraiture in Collage and Painting by Ginnie Gardiner, Nisa Touchon Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

Kolaj Magazine, Artist Directory, Maison Kasini, Montreal, Quebec

‘Small is the New Big’, Group Exhibition, Nisa Touchon Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

‘Small is the New Big’ – Press Release

‘Sunlit Stillness: Ginnie Gardiner’s Transformative Vision.’ by Carter Ratcliff

Nisa Touchon Fine Art – Santa Fe, NM – Ginnie Gardiner

The Painting Center: Art File

The International Society of Assemblage and Collage Artists

‘Ginnie Gardiner: At Ease with Creation’ by Wendy Smith

The Ann Street Gallery

In Translation: Austin/Deem/Gardiner, Pavel Zoubok Gallery, NY, NY

Collage, London / New York, FRED (London), London, England

Fred Celebrates Collage. London, England

Daughters of the Revolution: Women & Collage, Pavel Zoubok Gallery, NY,NY

Daughters of the Revolution: Women & Collage, Pavel Zoubok Gallery – online catalog

Mario Naves review of ‘Daughters of the Revolution

Ginnie Gardiner: Pavel Zoubok Gallery Archives

The New Collage, Pavel Zoubok Gallery, NY, NY

Collage Clearinghouse

Press Release ‘Collage – signs and surfaces’

‘Ginnie Gardiner, a Revelatory Journey’ by Wendy Smith

Painter Ginnie Gardiner exults in the ‘highly lucid charm of 18th century Venetian master Giambattista Tiepolo

Museum Notes – “Curator’s Choice: Ginnie Gardiner Talking With Tiepolo”, February 20, 2000, Glenn Loney